Internet Speed Pricing

The following table includes suggested speeds for residential and small business customers, speeds that most of our customers generally start with. However, you are free to choose any download or upload speed you want (in 1mbps increments)! The minimum account price is $39.95, but the sky is the limit beyond that!


In our primary service areas, we charge $7/mbps. In our extended service areas, there is an $10 monthly fee in addition to the $7/mbps.

Monthly Fee Download Speed Upload Speed Installation Fee Equipment Fee
$39.95 Mb/s* Mb/s $49.00 $150.00
$59.95 Mb/s Mb/s $49.00 $150.00
Customize your Speed, each Megabit is only $7 extra per month!
Make your own customized Download/Upload rate!

Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime?

Everyone asks, and the answer is YES!
Our $39.95 accounts are perfect for streaming video. There are no bandwidth caps or other restrictions like at the cellular and satellite companies.

Streaming video is the easiest way to comprehend the difference between Rural Broadband and the other guys. At medium quality, Netflix streams at 0.7 Gigabytes per hour. On a 10 Gigabyte cellular that’s about 12-14 hours of video before you need to pay more.

Your Rural Broadband account will allow you to stream hours and hours, every day, all month… With no overage fees and no caps, nothing will slow you down! You’ll never get charged extra unless YOU want more bandwidth.


What is a “mbps”?
Megabits per second. Cellular and satellite companies usually Gigabytes per month.

A great way to compare Gigabytes/month to Megabits/second is The Cloud Calculator.

5mbps is capable of transferring almost 1,500 Gigabytes over a month. On a cellular plan, that would costs thousands of dollars!

Service Guarantees

  • Free repair and dispatch if our equipment is at fault
  • Quick and painless phone support
  • Knowledgeable tech support
  • No increases in pricing

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