Our internet service relies entirely upon line of sight to our access points, this makes every connection unique. Fortunately, Rural Broadband has over 50 different sites containing hundreds of access points to which you can connect. And we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve, expand, and fill in gaps within our coverage areas. So if you happen to have a tall building / tower / pole or hill with power on your property that could provide coverage to your neighbors, you could get your connection for free!

When you call to inquire about service, we may need a technician (weather providing) to perform a site survey to ensure we have line of sight to one or more access points. Some areas we know very well and/or have many customers in, so surveys may not be necessary everywhere. Although you’re welcome to be there, we generally do not require that you are present during the survey, as long as we have permission to poke around the property and/or rooftop.

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