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Our service area covers most of the Billings area, including large portions of Yellowstone, Carbon, and Stillwater counties. From east to west, our coverage starts in the Ballantine/Worden area and extends all the way past Columbus. We have service as far north as Broadview and extend all the way down to Fromberg. All in all, roughly 1,500 square miles throughout the region.

We have two basic categories for our service area, the Primary Service Area, and the Extended Service Area. The Primary area makes up the core of our network and is where the bulk of our customers are location. The Extended areas are newer, extensions / expansions from our core network. Because we have additional expenses in providing service to the extended areas, we charge an additional $10 flat fee for service in these areas. It is our hope that as our network and customer base grows, the Extended areas will be pushed further and further out.

Primary Service Area Extended Service Area
  • Billings
  • Billings Heights
  • Lockwood
  • Blue Creek
  • Emerald Hills
  • Shepherd
  • Huntley
  • Laurel
  • Park City (Downtown & East)
  • Silesia
  • Acton
  • Ballantine
  • Broadview
  • Buffalo Trail
  • Clapper Flats
  • Columbus
  • Edgar
  • Fromberg
  • Park City (West of Downtown)
  • Worden

Additional coverage details

Primary Coverage and our Core Network
We have excellent coverage throughout most of the commercial and industrial areas in Billings.
From Division to the Metra, to Wicks and beyond, we’ve got you covered!
Multiple sites able serve all the important business centers including

  • 24th & King
  • Zoo Drive / Trade Center
  • Transtech Center
  • Shiloh, from end to end!
  • Grand Ave, from Divison to 88th!
  • North and South Frontage Roads from Blue Creek Rd. to Shiloh
  • Downtown Laurel, Park City, and Columbus, too!

Extended Service
We’re quickly growing in all directions! While continuing to fill in gaps in our Primary areas, we’re pushing the envelope further everyday so we can get service where it is needed most, including

  • Acton & Broadview – We cover most areas from Indian Cliffs to Broadview, from Molt to Shepherd.
  • North of Laurel –  Complete coverage of Clapper Flats area, limited coverage Buffalo Trail up towards Molt
  • East of Huntley – We have some service between Huntley and Worden.  We are currently working on getting additional access points up to feed Worden, Ballantine, and perhaps all the way to Pompeii’s Pillar.
  • West of Park City to Columbus – We cover most of the areas between Park City and Columbus along old Hwy 10 and north of I-90.
  • Columbus – We are able to serve about 1/2 of Columbus at this time and are working on getting additional sites for better coverage.  We anticipate having coverage throughout Columbus soon and with it our network will start to extend towards Absarokee, Rapelje, and Reed Point.
  • Rockvale to Edgar to Fromberg

Expect to see Fromberg, Bridger and everything in between online soon!  Likewise for Joliet, Roberts, and Red Lodge!

4 thoughts on “Service Areas”

    1. Clint,

      We are definitely interested in serving Boyd, Joliet, Roberts, and Red Lodge. The more we can stir up interest within the community, the sooner we’ll be able to get things rolling there. We’ve scouted a few things in the area, but haven’t yet found what we need.

      We’re looking for one or more places to put up a few small antennas to feed the area and get a link back to our network backbone. The main considerations are high elevation and limited amount of obstructions (mostly trees). Farm equipment (silos, grain elevators), hilltops, etc.

      We have a couple different sites we could potentially feed towards Boyd. There’s a possibility we have 75% of what we need and don’t even know it. I haven’t looked too closely at the options and opportunities for Boyd, as I’ve been focused on other expansion and upgrade projects.

      Send me your address & phone number. I can (or I can have someone) stop by and take a preliminary look. If you know other people that are looking for service, feel free to pass on my contact information or let me know how to get in touch with them!

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if you guys covered the far north side of shepherd. My family and I live at 11220 pleasant hollow trail and I’m looking to upgrade our internet as our current provider can’t provide anything over 5 Mbps down and .5 Mbps up. Any answers you can provide are greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey there. I was a c customer with you guys in Acton for nearly half a year. The start up was a little pricey bit it turned out to be more than worth it. I loved the service and never had an issue with the equipment, which actually surprised me due to living in an extreely high wind area. Unfortunately Ive been forced to move to Lavina and am seriously saddened to discover that you dont cover here. Its so close to broadview and wish you did make it out here. But overall I give your service a shining 5/5 stars. Wish I could have kept you when I moved.

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