Having some technical issues? We’d like to help! But, before you call us or use the Contact form, please check the following.

Slow Internet?

This can be a number of factors include your distance from your router and objects between it.

  • Move closer to your router or try a hardwired device.
  • Check your current bandwidth by running a Speedtest.

No Internet?

If you have no internet and have checked multiple devices, check the following:

  • Check that the Ethernet cable coming from outside is plugged into the POE labeled side of the black power brick. Unplug and replug.
  • Check that the cable in the LAN side of the power brick is secure and runs into your router. The correct port is usually yellow and labeled “Internet”.
  • Make sure your router is turned on and then power cycle it.

Rural Broadband hands off on an Ethernet cable. The wireless router can be purchased at your local Walmart, Bestbuy or the Internet. All modern Ethernet routers are compatible.

Need a new router?

Most ethernet based routers will work fine. Linksys, Belkin or Netgear should be fine. They will say wireless router on the front.

Do not purchase a “cable Modem”.

If you are unable to resolve the issue please reach us at (406)-628-1568

Do not purchase the Modem below